Bubbles in the Air

by Alex Sater

Chosen words with subtle flair,
Float like bubbles in the air.
Some hit me like a cannon ball,
Some words go bouncing off the wall,
hit the post, hit the bed, hit three people in the head.
Then land exhausted at the feet of a woman, very sweet,
sitting right there next to me, she bends to pic up two or three.
Some words you pop to hear the sound, 
Some words float gently to the ground.
a thousand words they fill the pond
with image of  the great beyond.
and those rainbow words, red, yellow, blue,
Those are the words dun writ by you.
So do not let my words offend
With my lack of skill, for in the end
these words, I truly hope you’ll see,
come from my heart and not just me.

A poem shared about DiVerse Poetry Readings by regular Poet at DiVerse’s Open Mic last night.


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