The Local Poetry Collection At The Quince Orchard Library

As some of you may recall, last winter Librarian Eve Burton and I started working on putting together a collection of poetry books by local authors to be housed at the Quince Orchard Library. We sent out a letter asking poets who had read at DiVerse Gaithersburg to contribute copies of their books that we might include in the initial collection.

We received a number of books and Eve started the process of getting them catalogued and included in the MCPL system. And then the pandemic hit and everything shut down. I am thrilled to report that some of those books are now back at the Quince Orchard branch and will be available for check out sometime in the next month or so. If you sent in a book and you don’t see it in the picture below, they are probably still being processed. Once we get all these books back and ready to check out, I’ll post a list of what is available. And once the library does reopen, we hope to have a proper poetry nook and we will most definitely be holding a celebration for the collection at our first in-person reading!

A huge thank you is due to Eve for her vision and all the work it took to get this rolling and also to all the other library staff who have helped to make this happen. In the middle of a pandemic with the library closed and many people working from home, etc. it feels like a little miracle to have this come to fruition!

Another big thanks to everyone who has contributed books to get this collection started, this would not have been possible without you! We do hope to continue to grow the collection, and when the library is able to accept more books, I’ll let you know. We are starting by opening this up to those of you who have read at DiVerse Gaithersburg, and hope to eventually include others as well.

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